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Sharp Polymer Solutions are keen to purchase your recyclable, end-of-life plastics, including crates, trays, post-consumer products and wheelie-bins We can also arrange convenient collection by truck direct from your site.

End of Life Plastics

If you have large quantities of end-of-life plastic and are wondering how to dispose of them, Sharp Polymer Solutions can help. With a convenient network of Recycling Associates throughout the UK, we can purchase your products and arrange local pick-up, or provide full processing services if required.

Sharp Polymer Solutions are committed to protecting the environment, by diverting unwanted plastic items away from landfill, including bottle crates, trays, wheelie bins, plastic pipes and many other post-consumer and post-industrial plastics.

Environmentally Friendly Local Collections

In creating a UK-wide network of Recycling Associates, Sharp Polymer Solutions has endeavoured to significantly reduce the road miles your plastics travel. This not only minimises environmental impact but also reduces your haulage fees. To make collections viable, we need to ensure that our 40-foot lorries make journeys carrying substantial loads – 3 to 5 tonnes is standard and ½ a tonne is the minimum we will consider.

We ask that loads are single-steam i.e. of one form, unless you are prepared to separate and stack the batches of items. They should also be capable of being loaded by forklift truck. If you do not have these facilities onsite, please inform us on ordering, so we can consider alternative arrangements.

Contact Us for All Your End-of-life Plastic Recycling Needs

Our experienced customer services team are here to provide a competitive quote and answer any technical questions you may have. If this is the first time you have considered recycling, they will walk you through the entire process and outline your options.

Please call us on 0845 6000095 or send us your details via our Contact Form.

Plastic Recycling Regrind

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