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Redundant Plastic Stock

Sharp Polymer Solutions can purchase all your redundant plastic stock at market prices or collect and return it as recycled raw materials for your future production processes. Alternatively, we can facilitate its safe and secure destruction. We can work on a one-off basis or provide you with a regularly scheduled service.

National Collection and Processing Services

We possess the infrastructure to handle large or small quantities of waste, courtesy of our UK-wide network of Recycling Associates. We will make every effort to nominate a plastic granulation or destruction plant as close to your business as possible, in order that road journeys be kept as short as possible and the carbon footprint minimised. This also keeps transportation costs down.

Examples of Redundant Stock

  • Overruns and rejects
  • Redundant colours, obsolete or out-of-date products
  • Unused or damaged packaging
  • Bankrupt stock
  • Surplus raw materials
  • The results of machine purging
  • Offcuts and trims

Contact Our Team for a Quotation or Further Information

To arrange collection or a quotation, please call our office on 0845 6000095 or complete the online Enquiry Form.

Plastic Recycling Regrind

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