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Sharp Polymer Solutions is a commercial recycling company, established to facilitate the collection and processing of industrial quantities of plastic waste.

Household & Charity Recycling

We handle thousands of metric tonnes of redundant thermo-plastics each year but, unfortunately, it is NOT logistically or financially viable for us to receive small batches of household waste or that collected for charitable fundraising purposes.

Exceptional Circumstances are If your organisation can amass substantial quantities of plastic of the same type over time, we may be interested in purchasing it at the market price. But please note that this is entirely dependent on the type of material and our minimum collection weight is 3000kg. The waste will also need to be prepared for collection by lorry, which entails safely securing and palletising consignments for loading by forklift truck. We strongly advise that you contact our customer service team for advice, prior to making any commitment.

Recycling Bottle Tops for Charity

We do NOT receive bottle tops for charity schemes, such as those supposedly intended to provide funding for wheelchairs. You will find companies on the internet offering such services but, to our knowledge, this is often a hoax or scam and you need to thoroughly check their credentials.

To make bottle top collection viable, you would need to supply a minimum of 2 tonnes (2000kg) of the same type, palletised and with any foil, card or paper inserts removed.

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