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With over 10 million plastic bottles used in the UK every single day, there is a huge need for Sharp Polymer Solutions’ recycling services, to prevent them from ending up in destruction or landfill. Working in conjunction with our national network of Recycling Associates, we are committed to helping the country achieve its annual recycling targets by recycling these bottle tops and any other redundant plastics.

Our Services

We can collect consignments of bottle caps from your site using our local associate network and either pay you the market price for them or offer a full recycling service – shredding, granulation and compounding – to produce raw materials for new products, including more bottle tops.

Collection Terms and Preparation

Because plastics are inherently light, we must insist on a minimum load weight for you to avoid haulage fees. These will vary according to your distance from our closest recycling plant, but as a general guide, loads of between 2 and 3 tonnes will incur no costs. Please contact our team for a quote to remove smaller consignments.

  • We are primarily interested in buying drink bottle tops made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). We will take other tops (such as those often used for shampoos and soaps) but these must be batched separately. If you are unsure of the type, please send us a sample for analysis.
  • Bottles often have seals made from foil, card or rubber. We ask that these are removed prior to collection, so that your products command the best price and you avoid potential disposal fees.

Important note
If you are a home, school or charity batches collecting bottle tops for charitable causes, please click here.

Contact Us To Discuss Recycling of Plastic Bottle Tops

Our sales team are here to provide competitve quotes and answers to any technical questions you may have. If this is the first time recycling, they will walk you through the entire process and outline your options.

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