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Plastic Pipe Recycling

Used PE pipe can be readily recycled by Sharp Polymer Solutions, to provide a ready, sustainable source of raw materials for use in a wide range of thermoplastic manufacturing industries. We can purchase and collect your surplus pipe from virtually any UK location that is truck-accessible, using our own extensive network of Recycling Associates.

Which Specification of Pipe Will We Buy?

Utility pipes, commonly used in the construction, telecoms, power and civil engineering industries are of prime commercial interest to us; particularly yellow gas and blue or black water/waste pipe. These are generally made from Medium Density Polyethylene (PEMD) or High Density Polyethylene (PEHD). Standard industry designations for these pipes are PE80 and PE100.

UK-wide Collection Using Local Associates

All our plastic collections use our local Recycling Associates where possible, to keep transport costs low and minimise environmental impact. Alternatively, you may choose to make deliveries to our plants using your own haulage. Our team will provide quotes for either method. We do not impose a minimum order but our logistics managers always try to maximise loads, so that vehicles are not running half empty.

Call Now for a Quotation

We can quote for simple collection and pay you the market value for the consignment or we also offer a full recycling service – washing, shredding and granulating.

Our client service team will be happy to answer any further questions and provide you with a fast quotation for all your plastic recycling needs. Complete the enquiry form below and our team will be in touch.

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