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Plastic Packaging Waste

Sharp Polymer Solutions facilitates the effective recycling of plastics UK-wide, including large volumes of packaging waste, through our local network of Recycling Associates. This logistical arrangement, including processing plants across the country, enables us to reduce the distance your waste must travel, minimising the carbon footprint. Our recycling services are at competitive rates and we always pay the market price for your scrap.

Common Varieties of Packaging Waste Recycled

  • Chemical containers
  • Baled film
  • PP Bulk bags
  • Crates and trays
  • Contaminated food buckets
  • Intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s)

This is not an exhaustive list. Please contact our team if you have other types of plastic packaging in need of collection and recycling and we will gladly consider it.

Collection Requirements

We ask that waste be prepared for collection in a manner that facilitates easy loading onto our 40-foot, curtain-sided, articulated lorries. This is best achieved using forklifts or grabs. We ask that crates, trays, buckets and food trays be stacked for transportation. Plastic film is best baled. If you have any questions about preparation and collection, please contact our team.

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