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Commercial Plastic Regind Products for sale

Sharp Polymer Solutions work with a wide network of Recycling Associates across the UK, enabling us to either purchase your thermoplastic and rubber waste at market prices or offer you fast, high- quality recycling services.

The inherent physical properties of both thermoplastics and rubbers means that they can be readily recycled into raw materials and re-sold to create fresh products, rather than being scrapped and ending up as landfill. This is not only great for the environment but also generates potentially lucrative revenue streams for our customers.

Thermoplastics become molten under high temperatures, allowing them to be moulded and reformed using various industrial techniques; including thermoforming, compression moulding, rotational moulding, injection moulding, gas assist moulding, structural foam moulding and film extrusion. This process can be repeated, ad infinitum, with little loss to the materials’ original structural properties.

Which Types of Plastic Will We Buy?

We can purchase and recycle plastics in all forms, so there is no need for you to break them down prior to collection.

If you are uncertain of the composition of your materials, please contact our customer service team, who will assist in identifying them through samples or photographs.

Below are lists of plastics we will buy in original form and types with established market value. These lists are not definitive, so please contact us if you have scrap that does not appear here.

Commonly Purchased Items

  • Plastic pipes – PVC, PP, PEMD, PEHD
  • Baled bottles – PEHD, PET
  • Bottle caps – PEHD, PP
  • Bottle crates – PEHD, PP
  • CDs and DVDs – PC
  • Seed Trays – PS
  • Plant pots – PS, PP
  • Food trays – PS, PP, PET, PVC
  • Car bumpers – PP
  • Electrical packaging – EPS
  • Fish boxes – EPS
  • Tie-wraps – PA
  • Plastic strapping – PP, PA, PET
  • Coat hangers – PS
  • Plastic pallets – PEHD, PP
  • Film on the reel – PELLD. PELD, PET, PVC, PP
  • Baled film - PVC, PET, PP, PELLD, PELD
  • Shrink wrap - PVC, PET, PP, PELLD, PELD
  • Bubble wrap - PVC, PET, PP, PELLD, PELD

Commercially Viable Plastics

  • Polypropylene - PP; PPN; PP-C; PP-H
  • Polyethylene - PELLD, PELD, PEMD, PEHD, PEHMW
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene - ABS
  • Polyamide / Nylon - PA, PA6, PA66, PA12 etc.)
  • Polyoxymethylene / Acetal - POM
  • Polymethyl Methacrylate / Acrylic - PMMA
  • Polystyrene - PS, HIPS, GPPS
  • Polycarbonate - PC
  • Polyvinyl Chloride - PVC
  • Polyethylene Terepthalate - PET, APET, PET-C, PET-G
  • Polybutylene Terepthalate – PBT

Contact Us for All Your End-of-life Plastic Recycling Needs

Our experienced customer services team are here to provide a competitive quote and answer any technical questions you may have. If this is the first time you have considered recycling, they will walk you through the entire process and outline your options.

Please send us your details via our Contact Form.

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