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Leave it to the experts, save valuable time and reduce your costs by using our fast Toll Processing Service for all your recyclable plastic waste.

The Advantages of Toll Processing

When you choose specialists like Sharp Polymer Solutions for your plastics toll processing the advantages are clear, rather than attempting it in-house, there are several important benefits, including:

  • No capital investment
  • No additional permits
  • No loss of floor space
  • No extra staff
  • No training
  • No wastage
  • No extra machinery
  • Predetermined costs
  • Fast completion times
  • High-quality, consistent results

Because we boast a reliable, nationwide network of Recycling Associates, haulage distances are kept to a minimum, along with your operational costs and the environmental impact.

A Range of Plastic Recycling Services Available on a Toll Basis

Whether you have plastic scrap, end-of-life products, defective parts, over-runs or redundant stock, Sharp Polymer Solutions can facilitate removal and recycling through our well-established systems. You can choose any or all the processes listed below:

  • Washing to remove dust, grime, contents residue and other impurities
  • Thorough drying
  • Shredding and granulating into manageable size for subsequent stages
  • Compounding to create high-quality compound
  • Compound enhancements – colour, modifiers, fillers, processing aids etc

Quality Assurance Certification

Many of our customers run operations that demand specific parameters for recycled plastics and Sharp Polymer Solutions are committed to ensuring these are achieved on a consistent basis. For your added confidence, we supply a Certificate of Conformity with every batch. For an extra fee, we can also conduct tests and provide a Certificate of Analysis. Standard analyses include:

  • Izod impact
  • Density
  • Melt flow index – MFI
  • Heat distortion temperature – HDT
  • Vicat softening temperature
  • Tensile properties

All Deliveries Packaged for Your Convenience

We will return your recycled product to you in your choice of packaging.

  • 25kg paper sacks
  • Foil-lined bags
  • Octoboxes
  • Tanker delivery for bulk orders
Contacting Sharp Polymers Solutions

For further information on your Toll Processing services, please complete the online Contact Form.

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